Saturday, 29 October 2011

Completely off topic but had to show you!

Unfortunately my poor stitching has had to take a back seat over the last week. I have decided to re-start my little crafting venture and so have been researching my many crafty ideas (including candle making which looks like fun!).

Yesterday I went to my local (remember I'm in Germany) garden centre to see what bits I could get and ended up sitting all afternoon making Jars of Christmas, I've posted some pics below (again excuse the bad photography! Lol).

I just need to add tags labelled "Jar of Christmas" and they're finished! :) I have sold one already, the little girl in the jar with the red ribbon.... she was my favourite too. Just need to get more jars and I'll be making a lot more of these, they are so festive and cute. :D

I'll also be making cards, starting with Christmas ones of course, candles, various felt items for kids and anything else that pops into my mind. My husband has agreed to help me turn our celler into a workshop and even wants to have ago at some of my ideas!!

Phew, sorry for yacking on I'm just so excited!! I'll post pics of everything I create so you can see. It just means a few unstitchy pics will be appearing but I'm sure all my crafty friend wont mind. :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!! BIG hugs! xxxx


  1. aww i love the,,so sweet xxx

  2. They are very pretty and unique!

  3. looking good rach, love seeing all your crafts. x

  4. Hello everyone, thank you for the lovely comments.:)
    I haven't had chance to do anything crafty over the last few days.. I just dont remember being so popular and people keep "dropping" in unannounced! Lol.
    I'm also preparing to visit the uk for the weekend to attend a craft show with Kerry, I'm so excited!! I'm also very anxious too... I've never been away for more than one night without at least one of my boys tagging along, or even ma hubby for that matter... going to feel so lost I think! :/

  5. Hello there! Followed the link to your blog from Kerry's. Your jars of Christmas are absolutely lovely! Sounds like you had a great time at the craft show! best wishes, Laura (Craftylaura from CB)