Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Crafty treats

Here is a picture of a few items that I treated myself to last week. Everything is from Ebay and the most expensive item was £2! I'm love finding crafty bargains. :)

I can't wait to make the two little keyrings and the pincushion! They must go onto my "to do" list first of course. Now I must ban myself from Ebay for a while before I get too addicted!


  1. wow..very lovely stash..have fun dear.
    hugs xx

  2. save some shopping for the nec 6 weeks to go woo hoo!!! i've done the pin cushion its very sweet. x

  3. He he I'll have plenty of money for the NEC Kerry don't you worry!

    I fell in love with the pincushion as soon as I saw it, it's nothing amazing really but quite sweet, especially if I've made the whole thing myself. :) xx