Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lazy Sundays

What a lovely lazy day it's been. :)

The boys have had a pijama day, the eldest playing on his XBox and the younger two building with Lego. I've given them an early bath today which means I can start my stitchathon a bit earlier hopefully! :D

Unfortunately it's time for the chilling out to end now though.... that annoying dinner time will soon be upon us which means it's time to take my place in th kitchen. I have found I can do most things I try quite well but cooking is never going to be on my "passionate about" list! Lol. Besides, it's such a waste of my precious stitching time!

Feed them, do their homework, get them to bed, leave hubby with the tv remote and the rest of the time is all mine!!

Roll on tonights stitchathon. Another 400 should be achieveable I think but it needs a few more than that to finish the design. C'mon Kerry let's get you into that pretty blue flower. :)

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. xxx


  1. very sweet post,,enjoy your sunday..
    hugs xx

  2. biscornu nearly done so i'll soon be on the flower. x