Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stitchathon update

Well I managed 373 stitches this evening... not quite my 400 but I was rudely interrupted by a phone call from my Mum in the uk. :)

I was hoping to have the Hedgehog design finished by tomorrow evening but I can see unless I'm able to stitch until 3am it looks more like a Sunday night finish instead. Not bad really as long as I get him finished this week I'll be pleased.

I think seeings as it's a school night I better get myself up to bed or I'll be no use at all to my boys in the morning!


  1. you're really getting into all this blogging! looking forward to seeing the hedgehog finished. xx

  2. He he thanks Kerry.. it really is addictive isn't it? I'm gonna be naughty and have a kip with TJ in a minute. Then I'll be ready for anything!! :D

  3. hello dear, its me cucki..your blog is very sweet..i am your new follower..
    my blog is
    keep well dear and happy stitching xx

  4. Hi Cucki!! Thank you for joining my blog. :) I joined yours yesterday, it's very bright and cheerful. :)
    Hope ur having a good Friday. xxx