Saturday, 17 September 2011

Stitchathon update...

Well this evening I started stitching at 8:15pm due to getting engrossed in sorting out the hundreds of msgs I had on Face book! And I finished my last stitch at 10:55pm... somehow I manage a whopping 572 stitches!!! I'm so pleased with myself but I would just like to confess that this included two quite large areas of one colour which made it nice and straight forward.

Lickle Ted is really coming to life now and he looks so much nicer stitched than he does in the picture. I'm glad I decided to give him a go. :)

I hope everyone has had a nice Saturday and got everything done that they wanted to.

Will post a progress pic at the beginning of next week so you can all see how I'm getting on.

Enjoy the rest of weekend. xxx


  1. send the turbo needle back you're getting twice as much done as me! xx

  2. Lol... don't worry I'm not gonna let you lose ur motivation on the Hy that quick hunni! :)