Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday at last!!

What a long lazy day! I love Fridays and I always make sure I have absolutely nothing planned or left over to do.

My 2yr old isn't at nursery on a Friday either so its nice to be able to have some time to ourselves, today we snuggled for a nap and then went out for lunch. He was very well behaved so I just treated him and his two older brothers to an ice cream each.

That being said and done they are now all quietly tucked up in bed which means..... Stitchathon time!! My usual target is 400 stitches but seeings as its Friday I have the opportunity to go beyond that tonight. The question is can I do it?? I'm going to give it a jolly good try anyway!

Kerry77 will also be stitching along with me, I'm sure we're both going to do really well. :)

Let the stitching begin!

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