Friday, 30 September 2011

Pass the needle, hold the frog!! :)

Hello everyone, just thought I'd say a quick hello before starting my stitchy session (Kerry ur very quiet, I miss you!)

I'm on a mission tonight so if the frog decides to pay me another visit I'll be most upset! Can't really do a stitch count tonight because I'm aiming to get a bit of backstitch done as well (then I can scroll to the lower half of the design knowing the top half is completely finished.)  This design has lots of backstitch so going to need to concentrate extra hard.

Hope everyone has had a good week.... let the weekend begin. :D

Oh a bit off topic but I would just like to boast a tiny bit... recently a children's book I wrote was published and went on sale in August... I was informed today that Amazon have sold out 3 times now and are having to restock again! Just in case anyone wants to take a peek it's called "You're a meany!" by Rachel Douglas. I'm just sooo chuffed!!!

Anyhoo on with my stitchathon. :)


  1. wow..well done and big congratulations dear for your book published.ia m so happy for you..i will have a look for it.
    keep well and have a lovely weekend too xx
    p:s- i am missing kerry too.

  2. Thank you so much Cucki... I'll keep hunting down Kerry until she comes out of her lil hiding place. :) xxx

  3. Hope you got lots done! I think that is so neat that you have written your very own childrens book! You go girl!

  4. i am alive...just. i've had a migraine so avoided the world since friday. glad you're going well on lickle ted. that is totally fab about the book. when i brought our copy it was the last one they had on amazon. xxx

  5. I've not been able to get your book yet! Well done you!

  6. Aww thanks Charity C and Threadbear... I'm so shocked at how popular my book actually is!!

    Kerry!!!!!!!! There you are! I have been so worried, and with good cause by the sounds of it. Has the migraine eased off any at all? You poor thing :( I hope you're getting a chance to relax some. I really missed you!!

    Lickle Ted will be finished soon hopefully. I have done all stitching and backstitching on his top half and will be starting his bottom this evening. My husband has been sent away on exercise until Sunday so I can see me getting a few good nights in this week. :)