Sunday, 11 September 2011

Daily stitchathon results

I didn't quite manage to hit my target this evening. I did 362 stitches tonight, thats not really too bad considering my stitching time was constantly interrupted by my children and my husband. I had to start half an hour later than planned as well so I'm actually quite pleased. :)

The design itself is basically finished, one more evening on it and I'll be able to post a pic of the completed Hedgehog! I'm already geared up in my mind to start my next project which is from another issue of WOXS, it's Lickle Ted with a star in a jar. My "to do" list is really shrinking at last!! :D

Not sure how Kerry got on this evening but hopefully she managed to get close to her target too.

Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone. xxx

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