Tuesday, 13 September 2011

German pancake house

Last night we were invited out to eat at a German pancake house.... I had mine with powdered sugar, cherries and ice cream, it was DELICIOUS!! I couldn't eat it all though it was way too filling! Mmm mmmmm.

Alas the evening out sadly meant no stitching again, I wish it was possible to have a busy social life AND keep up with my stitching! :(  Even having an extra hour in the day wouldn't help!

Anyway my stitchathon will continue this evening and I WILL be finishing my Hedgehog! I'm also working on a wedding design to make into a card so I'll add a few stitches to that this afternoon too hopefully.

 It's almost time to pick up TJ my 2yr old from nursery.... goodbye peace and quiet hello mini whirlwind. :)

Have a good afternoon everyone. xx

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